Terms of Service

By using the Hearthstone Reservation system or Online Store , you agree to the following terms:
  • The Hearthstone will never share your personal details1 with third parties or advertisers
  • The Hearthstone will never store personal financial details such as Credit Card or pin numbers in our databases. This information is managed, encrypted and processed by Stripe according to their terms of service.
  • The information that the Hearthstone collects1 is only used the purpose of contacting users regarding their reservation request and for mailing gift certificate purchases.
  • If for any reason a Hearthstone Reservation system or Online Store customer wishes view or remove their data from the Hearthstone's databases, they can make a request to hello@hearthstonerestaurant.com and expect a response in a matter of 2-4 business days. The Hearthstone will only ever honor requests to view or remove data or acknowlege that such data exists from the customer whose details are stored in our databases.

1. Personal identifying information stored by the Hearthstone for the purposes of the Hearthstone Reservation system and Online Store is limited to: Email, Phone Number, First and Last Name and Mailing Address.
Please direct any questions about out terms of service to hello@hearthstonerestaurant.com.